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Career Prospects at Redox

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Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Easy to move considering you are evaluated on the numbers you bring in, but moving through ranks in regards to your team, difficult as some employees hold key accounts that bring in money you may never be able to bring in, and they may not necessarily have developed those accounts, more just inherited them, therefore benefiting from that
If I am successful at achieving sales, I would move up the pay scale and get more responsibilities e.g. product management.
Depending on your turnover, you can easily move up if you work hard
So far, it seems difficult and timely to move through the company and be promoted. You have to be in the right place at the right time.
Depending on which state/office you are based in can make it easier or harder to move up the ranks. In places like Sydney and Melbourne it can be easier, as the turnover of staff is a little higher which free's up accounts and products. Also the amount of customer accounts they hold in those offices are much larger than others so it is easier to pass on larger accounts and therefore increase the sales persons sales patch worth and workload to make them eligible for a promotion. However you only usually get one opportunity per year to get a promotion or pay increase when you have your yearly review. In smaller offices like Adelaide and Perth it can be harder as there are a lot of long standing employees who hold all the biggest accounts. So most of the time it means you have to wait for one of the following to get a promotion: Someone to leave (therefore accounts and products become available) or for management to decide they want a shift within the office, but usually graduates don't benefit as much as other sales reps as they have not been there as long and don't have as much experience as others.