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Job Satisfaction at Redox

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Problem solving daily, phoning clients on incoming work plus actively seeking outbound work, searching for new opportunities, building relationships with key customers
I call and visit customers, promoting Redox as a chemical supplier. I prepare quotes for supplying chemicals, and build relationships with potential and existing customers.
Contacting my clients, ensuring orders are placed, pricing on products, getting new business with clients.
Finding new potential for the business to grow.
I have a client base that I am actively expanding by visiting businesses and discovering if Redox can offer any products at a competitive price. I receive emails and phone calls from my clients that they are looking for a product, I use the Redox computer system to find the appropriate product then work out a price based on many different factors (delivery price, exchange rate, floor cost, etc.). I offer the customer a quote and attempt to find out competitor information to help me gain the order. I also try to predetermine when an existing customer is after stock so they don't run short at their site I will prompt them to order more of a certain product. I try to get existing customers to buy more of their products from Redox. I can offer samples and competitive pricing with support from the product manager of that product. I have a company car and I go out a few times a month to visit customer at their site or visit potential customer to try and gain new business.
Day-to-day responsibilities for my role include: - Phone reception -Customer Service -Account Management -Regular use of MS office suite and outlook -Working towards KPIs -Generating quotes for customers -Following up on customer requests for QA documentation -Visiting customers -Liaising with Product Managers and other Management Staff -Working not only on personal sales achievements but working with and supporting the Sales Team -New customer enquiries