ResMed Graduate

Nicholas Mealey

University of New South Wales
ResMed Graduate
Nicholas Mealey, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering / Masters in Biomedical Engineering, UNSW

Tell us about your career at ResMed so far?

As a graduate rotational engineer, my first rotation is in the product marketing department.  With my background in mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering it was an exciting change, which enabled me to learn more about the business aspect of ResMed, and how the technical specifications have to be shaped for the market. The team has been extremely helpful in providing me with an excellent means of furthering my knowledge not only in the business operations but also in future personal development growth.


What makes ResMed special?

ResMed is an amazing company with a diverse range of employees, who all strive towards the same goal of improving the health of 20 million people by 2020. The people actively seek to improve themselves and create a sense of community which has made my entry into the company extremely easy and stress-free.  ResMed allows everyone to speak freely about any issues or potential ideas, and provide a safe, supportive culture. Also the campus at Bella-vista is breath taking which is an added bonus!


I love engineering because…?

I love engineering because provides a challenging work environment where you are able to work through complex problems, and feel that you have accomplished something real by the end of the task, which benefits others.


The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is…?

The working environment is amazing. ResMed focus on improving your personal growth and shaping your career. The graduate program allows you to explore 4 different rotations within the business, enabling an opportunity to try out different positions and develop a comprehensive understanding of the business and a deep understanding of the business. Also the Campus is stunning!