Varuni Fernando ResMed Graduate Image

Varuni Fernando

University of New South Wales
ResMed Graduate
Varuni Fernando, Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), UNSW

Tell us about your career at ResMed so far?

I’ve been at ResMed for one year now. I spent my first six months as a Manufacturing Engineer, monitoring the line that assembles our latest sleep therapy device. This included working with the operators on developing methods that would increase the line’s efficiency and training them in new procedures. I also had the opportunity to work with other engineers in the fields of Test Engineering and Quality Assurance to ensure we produced high quality products.

My current role is in Healthcare Informatics within the Global Product Management team. Our teams spread across the globe and so I get to work with a people in a variety of locations on a daily basis. It’s been a great experience as I’ve been able to learn how each of our key markets varies across the world and how this influences the nature of the products we develop.

What makes ResMed special?

The thing that really drew me into ResMed was the fact that our engineering headquarters is in Sydney. It is a unique scenario where the design team and the manufacturing team are on the same site which means that you truly get to see a project from initial designs to final product. It’s an environment which is constantly changing and allows you to learn something new every day- the combination of new challenges and great people make ResMed what it is!

I love engineering because…?

It’s the perfect combination of design, team work, project management and developing real solutions to real world problems.

The best thing about being a Graduate at ResMed is…?

The fact that you get to experience a new role every six months for two years. The exposure you get to different teams and projects is invaluable and allows you to build a network that other roles wouldn’t allow. We are also assigned a mentor who not provides great advice, but can be a real sponsor as we progress our careers.