Royal Military College

The Australian Army is a versatile and modern team that helps protect our country, our interests and our people both here and overseas. Our core values are built upon courage, initiative, respect and teamwork.

The Royal Military College (RMC) is a dynamic community that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow. The experience you gain at RMC training as an Army Officer will be highly sought after, reinforcing your credentials for life.

You will enhance your confidence, initiative, communication skills and decision-making ability. Over three semesters, you will gain leadership and management skills, taking command of up to 30 personnel after 18 months. 

Following Army Officer training, you’ll specialise in your choice of area, ranging from: armoured, artillery, aviation, catering, engineering, infantry, intelligence, medical, ordnance, signals and transport. 

The RMC will provide you with continual investment in your development via ongoing education, specialist training, career diversity and tailored career management. Benefit from an excellent salary plus Super, free medical and dental cover, subsidised accommodation and job security.

All Australians are welcomed into the Army, regardless of gender, ethnic origin or cultural background. From training to employment to promotion opportunities, we are committed to equality for all.

Apply now for graduate opportunities in 2018.