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Gary De Muelenaere

5.30 AM

Monday’s are the hardest days to get out of bed. I’m definitely not a morning person, but if I can score a free lift to the bus stop to save me the walk you better believe I’ll be awake! Time to get ready for work. Still half asleep I try pick out the outfit for the day. Do I want to wear a blue or grey suit today? What shirt do I want? This almost takes as long as it does to do my hair!

6.20 AM

The bus arrives. Time to choose music for the trip. I either go on YouTube to utilise their auto play function or choose an album to listen to…depending on what I’m vibing for the day. Once I’ve figured out this clearly difficult decision, I’m out like a light. Miraculously I’ve never missed my stop, somehow always waking up just in time to get off the bus.

7.30 AM

I get into work early to make sure I’m able to get through all the work of the day…and to try and get something done before everyone else comes in and I jump at the opportunity to show them the memes I’ve collected over the weekend. Dylan is already there, utilising our firms flexible working arrangements. We catch up for a while. Slowly everyone starts to come in. A bunch of us go to the kitchen, grab a coffee, talk about the weekend and anything interesting that will be happening throughout the week.

8.30 AM

The day has officially begun. The first thing I do is to look at my workflow for the week. I assess whether I will have enough work to keep me going for the week. This allows me to better plan for the week and prepares me for our team’s weekly workflow catchups.

9.30 AM

The team and I meet up for half an hour each week to discuss the jobs that we currently have on, the status of these jobs (i.e. client queries, review, completed, etc.), assign additional work and discuss any issues/matters that need to be raised with the superiors.

Up until lunch my day mainly consists of working through tax-sensitive accounting issues for clients, preparing financials statements and discussing any tax issues the client may be facing with my manager, regularly going to the kitchen for coffee refills.

12.30 PM

Lunchtime! A bunch of us all go to lunch at the same time, some bringing food from home and others go and buy food. We all meet up in the staff hub. Lunchtimes are always great, you get a chance to talk to people that you may not get a chance to in everyday work life and get to catch up with everyone, with a bit of friendly office banter thrown in the mix.

5.00 PM

Home time already? The day’s flown by! I finalise everything I’ve been working on for the day, say goodbye to everyone and start the walk to the bus. I get ready for the peak hour traffic home, put some music on and slowly fall asleep for the trip home. I start planning out my night. Am I going to go hang out with mates? Am I going to go to the gym? I decide to do both.

7.30 PM

After eating dinner with the family, I message a mate and both head to the gym. Nothing better than getting in some exercise after a full day of work! We finish up and have the rest of the night to hangout.

10.00 PM

I get home and start to get ready for bed. I put some Netflix on to wind down after the day. Ready to do it all again tomorrow!