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Jamie Roubin

6.00 AM

Having already delayed my alarm twice, I quickly get up and change into my gym gear.

6.30 AM

I walk just over 20 minutes to get to the gym in time for my 6:30 Pilates class. I do this class around 3-4 times per week and find it puts me in a really good mood for my day (though I do get a little tired by 3 pm)

7.30 AM

I have a quick shower and change into my pre-packed work clothes. I’m quite fortunate that my gym is around the corner from work, so I can attend the later sessions and not be late!

8.00 AM

I make my way up to level twelve, after grabbing a large almond flat white from the café on the ground floor. I check my emails and make some toast with the bread provided by RSM. As I have a 10 am meeting I’m sure to have a quick breakfast.

8.30 AM

I have a look over the questions I prepared last night for the client – a leading provider of drinking water for Sydney, and ensure I have multiple copies of the scope printed out.

8.45 AM

I head out with my manager to meet at the Client’s office (it’s a bit of a trek).

10.00 AM

We get to the Client’s office and meet with our direct contact. We first go over the scope where we are conducting a review of the environmental management plan’s currently in place at the client site, and the governance surrounding their implementation. We request a number of documents, some the client is able to provide on the spot, but I keep a list of my requests on OneNote throughout the meeting in case one is forgotten.

11.00 AM

We are provided a tour of the site and head off walking around the different areas of the Plant. It’s quite interesting having the ability to see all the different facets of creating potable water. At the end of our tour, we advise the client of the next individual we would like to speak with after lunch.

12.00 PM

My colleague and I head to grab some lunch from a nearby café (I had a delicious chicken wrap) and head back to the client site. I revise the notes I have taken from the previous meeting and compile a list of documents I have requested/plan to request.

RSM Graduate Jamie Roubin meeting

1.00 PM

We meet with the second individual from the Plant. He is able to provide us with a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the site, and who is responsible for implementing and reviewing the environmental plans. I was pretty happy when this meeting ended as I received answers to all the questions I prepared. My manager was happy with my questions too! We head back to the office to debrief.

2.30 PM

My manager and I have a quick debrief regarding the meetings we had, and how we want to approach the technical testing component of the review. I want to ensure I don’t fluctuate from the scope.

3.30 PM

It’s coke-zero-o-clock. I head upstairs to grab a $2 coke zero to keep my energy up for the remainder of the day. Once I sit down with my caffeinated beverage, I look over the documentation provided by the client and start setting up my testing work papers. Through my analysis, I compile an RFI (request for information) which consists of requests for documentation or information for any queries I have come across.

RSM Graduate Jamie Roubin working

5.00 PM

I’ve finalised the RFI document and sent it off to the client, hopefully, they’ll be able to start actioning my requests tomorrow.

5.30 PM

I head off for the day and meet up with a few friends for Taco Tuesday. There are so many places for a $2 taco in the Sydney CBD and I’m fortunate to have a few friends who work nearby.

7.30 PM

After satisfying myself with tacos, I head home to catch the start of Survivor and hang out with my Greyhound, Chloe. Hopefully, my favourite doesn’t get blindsided this episode, but who really knows once it gets to the final five?

9.00 PM

I’ve kept my eyes open long enough to see my fave survive another tribal council. On that note, its bedtime. I have an early start tomorrow as I’m driving out west to audit a few lights for a clients’ Energy Savings Scheme claim.