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About Sandhills Pacific

  • Accounting & Advisory
  • Retail, Sales & Consumer Goods
  • Transport & Logistics

Hiring grads with degrees in: Engineering, Maths, IT & Computer Sciences; Finance, Accounting, Economics & Business Administration; Health & Medical Sciences; Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences; Law & Legal Studies; Property & Built Environment; Sciences; Teaching, Education & Human Welfare. 

We are a stable, proven company with a highly successful product. Sandhills Pacific is an extension of Sandhills Publishing Company based out of Lincoln, Nebraska USA. Sandhills Publishing has been bringing together buyer and sellers in the trucking, agriculture, construction, heavy machinery, aviation, and technology industries around the world for 39 years.

It started in 1978, Tom and Rhonda Peed founded Sandhills Publishing (then Peed Corporation) in an old blacksmith shop in Webster City, Iowa. The company had only seven employees at the time, two of whom were Tom’s parents.

The first Sandhills publication, Machinery Trader, rolled off the presses in March of that year. The company sent the inaugural edition of the trade publication to 20,000 readers. Lacking sophisticated mailing equipment, the staff labeled each of the copies by hand and dropped them off at the local post office in a pickup truck. Machinery Trader found a niche in the construction industry, and circulation increased. As the publication grew, so did Sandhills, introducing two additional trade publications in 1985—Controller and Truck Paper.

Since then we have grown enormously, in 2012, Sandhills Publishing began establishing offices overseas to better serve the global reach of the company’s publications and services. Investments in data redundancy technologies and highly efficient processing servers have helped Sandhills stay on the cutting edge as it continues its vision of offering customers the absolute highest quality service. With an ongoing interest in investing in the gradual growth of the company and the success of the markets it serves, Sandhills Publishing continues to evolve and move forward.

One of those locations were Brisbane, Australia, Sandhills Pacific is the office location for reps serving buyers and sellers throughout New Zealand and Australia. Bringing the global market to Australia and New Zealand, while at the same time reaching out to local buyers with the combination of MarketBook for Australia and MarketBook.com.au effectively connects buyers and sellers both locally and globally.

As new and innovative technologies contribute to efficiency and productivity, it’s the employees, the work ethic, and the culture that define Sandhills Publishing. The company fosters an environment of openness to creativity, growth, and innovation. Individuals who are dedicated and hardworking really thrive in Sandhills Publishing’s unique environment.

The positions we are offering are within Sandhills Pacific are in Sales and Marketing. Sales positions at Sandhills serve as a support system between customers and each individual publication. Those who have a high level of self motivation, excellent communication skills, work as a team player, and are results oriented will not only help ensure the success of our publications, but will also find success in these job opportunities.

Marketing is vital to the success of all of our publications at Sandhills. Within this function lies a wide variety of job opportunities. Those with a background in Business Administration, Marketing, Advertising, or Communications may find an exciting and rewarding career in this area. 


  • Hamilton, Brisbane
Business & Management
Creative Arts
Engineering & Mathematics
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
Medical & Health Sciences
IT & Computer Science
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Property & Built Environment
Teaching & Education