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Alex Bygott

Work at Santos is fast-paced and always changing so it’s a fantastic place to learn as a young engineer.

Please provide a brief overview on your career to date:

  • Vacation work in November 2016 in the Scotia and Arcadia reservoir development team. Project was to create dashboards for the assets that summarised production data as well as static and dynamic reservoir data.
  • Stayed on part-time throughout 2017 working in Reservoir Development – worked with Scotia, Arcadia, Fairview and Roma teams. Worked predominantly on creating dashboards for the team and designing ways to better manage large amounts of data.
  • Started full time as a graduate in Feb 2018 in the Scotia/Arcadia team. Worked in Reservoir management which involved working closely with the production engineering team to maximise production across the field.
  • In June 2018 moved to the Roma Reservoir development team. Have worked across reservoir development (subsurface modelling of future development) as well as reservoir management (production strategy for existing wells). Have worked on modelling large projects over the last 12 months including SD20 (~250 wells) and SD21 (~150 wells).
  • Mid this year looking to move to production engineering department within GLNG. Looking forward to exposure in the field and applying my understanding of the subsurface to an operations environment.

When have you felt most energised at Santos?

I’ve felt most energised whenever I’ve done work out in the field at Santos. It’s really cool seeing the operations first hand and to see the impact of decisions and strategies worked on in the office.

When have you felt most challenged?

Presenting on our asset production and future development to the GLNG Joint Venture representatives. The meetings are important to reflect that as an operator we know what we are doing and as a graduate, I was initially nervous to present. In hindsight, it was great exposure and I am thankful to Santos for providing such opportunities so early in my career.    

What has been your highlight of the Graduate Program?

Exposure to a range of different projects! As a graduate, I’ve been able to work across a range of different areas within Reservoir Development and have learnt so much over the last couple of years! Work at Santos is fast-paced and always changing so it’s a fantastic place to learn as a young engineer.

Recall a time when you thought ‘wow’:

When I saw our LNG plant at Curtis Island, Gladstone. I was amazed by the sheer size of our operations and the amount of work that went into getting the gas molecules from the ground, through the pipelines and out to export.

A word to the wise...

  1. Get involved during uni! I found clubs and societies a great way to meet other, like-minded students and I found that this also really helped in applying for engineering experience down the line.
  2. Consider a career in the Oil and Gas industry! I have found the industry to be dynamic, fast-paced and technically challenging. There are always problems to solve and things to optimise so it’s very rewarding.
  3. Consider studying abroad for a semester! I found this experience to be a great broadening experience and was exposed to people from all different walks of life. This was also a great talking point in job interviews.