Cangie Wu

Project Engineer

“The Santos Graduate Program provided an opportunity to experience both site and office environments. This is very important because you have to understand what happens on both sides of the fence to be effective at what you do” – Cangie Wu


Cangie originated from Melbourne and joined Santos in 2007 as a Graduate Chemical Engineer in a plant support role. She spent time in the Adelaide office before moving to Brisbane. Cangie has spent a lot of time in the field in both Moomba and Queensland. She has gained an excellent reputation and is often called upon by the Eastern Australian Business Unit leadership team about the Moomba Plant. Cangie enjoys her current role and working in the Brisbane office as she has been able to develop her mechanical, instrument and electrical expertise.


Five minutes with Cangie:

When have you felt most energised at Santos?

When Santos first became the sponsor of the Tour Down Under, I signed up for the first event and haven’t stopped cycling since.

How have you valued training and development opportunities at Santos?

I have to admit that the experiences gained through the first few rotations have shaped me to be the engineer I am today. The skills, knowledge, work behaviours and networks that you pick up in those few years really do stick and I think it really allows me to perform at my best. In terms of training and development opportunities, Santos has always been very accommodating. All my supervisors have helped me map out my career goals and allowed me opportunities to gain skills to get to these goals.

Before starting the Santos Graduate Program, you never thought…

I would be working in the middle of nowhere and still have fun.

When have you felt most challenged?

When I first started, one of the responsibilities of the role was contractor management which involved a large amount of people management of contractors that have been working sometimes longer than I have been alive for. I was a little lost since it isn’t something that I was used to and definitely not something you were taught at university, but after some on-the-job experience and support with other members of the team, I was able to overcome this challenge.