SAS Graduate Program

Jesse Leopold

Monash University
Associate Technical Support Engineer
Jesse Leopold, Master of Business Information Systems, IT & B.Science, Monash University

What did you study?

I was fortunate to be able to undertake a Master of Business Information Systems at Monash University, which helped to prepare me for a career in business-focused IT. This course, in combination with a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, allowed me to gain knowledge and understanding about the alignment of business and IT strategy, and provided some exposure to the analysis of business problems, as well as the technical and human elements involved. I was also able to learn about management decision making and the design and evaluation of IT solutions, which are becoming more and more relevant to modern business.

Why you were excited to join SAS?

In order to achieve optimal success, it is imperative that organisations are able to understand their business, their customers, and the world around them. Data is everywhere, and if harnessed for insight, can be an incredible advantage. Not only is SAS renowned as a great place to work, with a focus on healthy work life balance, but the company is also right at the leading edge of analytics, empowering a vast array of people and organisations to be better at what they do. I was very excited at the prospect of joining the SAS team, and being a part of this phenomenon.

What excites you about the year ahead?

From the word go, it became very clear that I was going to learn a lot at SAS. Within minutes of starting my Graduate role, I was learning about one of the many solutions SAS offers to its customers. I am blown away by how much I have already learned, and excited at what I will be able to learn through the extensive opportunities for training and practical experience. It will be fantastic to be able to rotate between various areas of expertise within SAS, and discover what I can really do, and what I really enjoy doing. I am looking forward to meeting more SAS clients, and seeing how I can help empower them to make better business decisions.

Why you are proud to be a SAS Grad?

For the many reasons above, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn and work in an organisation such as SAS; a leader in its field, and a huge part of the big data revolution. SAS is focused on empowering people and organisations, through knowledge and insight, and I’m proud that I am going to be a part of that. I love that SAS is able to help organisations swiftly gain more understanding about their business environment, allowing more time to be spent on making innovative decisions that can the world better.