SAS Graduate Program

Lottie Schuijff

Macquarie University
Associate Account Executive
Lottie Schuijff, Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Marketing, Macquarie University

What did you study?

I studied a bachelor of commerce and majored in marketing.

Why you were excited to join SAS?

For me personally, coming out of University at the age of 20, I really wanted to be part of something that had some kind of relevance. In terms of industry, I feel as though the industry of information is extremely relevant today which was something that definitely appealed to me. The fact that SAS is an international and market leader in this area as well, made it an even more appealing prospect for someone like myself who is keen to gain experience and continue my learning process. 

How did you get the job?

Because my graduate program takes place overseas in the US, the interview process was understandably rigorous and involved multiple meetings and testing. I worked hard and reached out for feedback when I needed it, and on my own merit, was able to secure the first ever position as an Australian Sales Grad.  

What excites you about the year ahead?

The year ahead is going to be really challenging for me; I’ll be experiencing a lot of things for the first time which is both exciting and daunting at the same time. One such ordeal involves travelling alone to the US for an extended period of time to be trained in the US Sales Academy. I will be well and truly out of my comfort zone but this is definitely what excites me the most about the year ahead - navigating unchartered territories.

Why you are proud to be a SAS Grad?

I am extremely proud to be a SAS Grad. Not only do I get to work for arguably one of the most reputable companies in the world, I also get to work alongside extremely talented experts in their field, on products that make a difference.

Where do you want to be in a few years’ time?

It’s difficult to tell exactly where or what I’ll be doing in a few years’ time but I hope that whatever it is, I’ll be doing it right here at SAS.

Any tips for future applicants?

My tip for future applicants would be: don’t be scared to ask for guidance. Draw on other people’s expertise and let them coach you, because in doing so you learn so much faster than if you hadn’t.