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Special Olympics World Games 2019 creates a data-driven legacy of inclusion with SAS

SAS is a proud partner globally for the Data for Good movement, which encourages using data in meaningful ways to solve humanitarian issues. SAS was the Official Analytics Supplier for Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi 2019.

There are a number of things that are really special about this event. First, it’s the 50th event. This means that it’s both celebrating the past and how far the Special Olympics movement has come and also looking to the future and where the event might go in the next 50 years. Second, it’s the first-ever Special Olympics to be held in the Middle East or Africa. Third, it can also be considered the most inclusive Special Olympics ever, involving people with intellectual disabilities in every aspect of the event.

SAS is the official analytics supplier for the event, and I am proud to say that I’m heavily involved in the work along with many talented SAS data science volunteers across five continents. Multi-sport events are quite different from your average football game, and the analytics opportunities are amazing. Being involved in this data-for-good project has been a real eye-opener. So, what would I highlight?


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