Kael Croker Shell
A day in the life of…

Reliability Engineer Intern at Shell

Kael Croker currently studying Civil/Structural Engineering (Honours) at Curtin University and is now a Reliability Engineer at Shell

5:30 am

Alarm 1 of 20 goes off with the intent for a morning gym session. 

6:45 am

Alarm #20 buzzes, missed the gym again, justify it with the same excuse I use everyday then get ready for a day in the office.

8:00 am

Arrive at the office and boot up the computer, this is as much as I can mentally do before heading down to Brew-ha for a morning caffeine hit, greeted by half the office doing the same thing.

8:30 am

Caffeine has finally worked its magic and I can respond to any emails whilst catching up with my supervisor about what the day ahead will comprise of.

10:00 am

Morning engineering team huddle – this is where reactive matters are discussed, allocated and methods of mitigation/rectification are determined, this always gives me an appreciation of those first-year common units, as an understanding of all fields is a must, to avoid standing there like a stunned mullet when a circuit board or centrifugal pump gets mentioned (Civil engineer here).

12:00 pm

Lunch time! Forgot to pack lunch again so it’s off to Degani for the $12 meal of the day!

1:00 pm

Settle in for a few hours on Visio, this is where my line manager and I convert complex schematics of systems offshore, to logic diagrams on the user-friendly Visio platform, for reliability analysis 

3:00 pm

Meet with the Contracts & Procurement team upstairs to provide technical support with on-going projects that are being implemented in my hometown Darwin! – (Shell’s onshore supply base). Worked out very well, being frequently sent there and able to see family and work at the same time.

4:30 pm

Happy days, home-time but not before swinging by the gym for my afternoon ‘makeup’ session

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