Fiona Lake Shell Graduate

Fiona Lake

University of Adelaide
Static Mechanical Engineer
Fiona studied Mechanical Engineering and Economics at University of Adelaide

Fiona Lake, a Mechanical Engineering and Economics graduate from the University of Adelaide, joined Shell’s Graduate Programme in 2016. She walks us through what the past two and a half years have been like at Shell.

Meeting and reaching career goals

During my time at Shell I’ve already gained a lot of site experience, like when I was based at the Queensland Gas Company and having a fly-in fly-out role. I’ve also had the opportunity to travel a lot for my job, including to South Korea. While the job can be challenging, I’ve always wanted a role that will help me grow rapidly, professionally and personally. At Shell, opportunities arise all the time, you just need to grab them if you know it’s something that you want. 

Moving forward, I hope to continue working on-site in other challenging locations. I know I can achieve this at Shell as it’s a successful multinational company with lots of opportunities worldwide.

More than colleagues

One of the best things I gained from my fly-in fly-out role was the friendships I made with my colleagues. Being in a role that requires constant travelling can prove challenging at times, as you can be far away from everything you know, so I’m grateful that my on-site colleagues have become like family to me.

Females at work

I’ve never felt disadvantaged because of my gender, and Shell works really hard to make sure the workplace is diverse and inclusive. We have different networks for females and LGBTI within the company and there’s a lot of emphasis placed on making sure everyone has equal opportunities.

The groups we have for females at Shell help to connect me to other women in the business, which I find useful when I need to reach out for tips and advice. Many of the senior female leaders are my role models and I always feel that I learn a lot from them.

A sense of pride

I’m proud to work at Shell because diversity and inclusiveness is part of its DNA, which is important to me as a female engineer. Adding to that, Shell invests a lot of time in new energy and helping the environment and communities. Both these facts help break the stigma of the oil and gas industry and I’m proud to be a part of that.