Grace Henry Shell Graduate

Grace Henry

University of Sydney
Process Engineer
Grace studied Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at University of Sydney

Grace Henry, a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate from the University of Sydney, joined Shell’s Graduate Programme in 2018. After interning with us in 2016, Grace knew that Shell is where she wanted to build her career.

Understanding the Shell business

Back in 2015, I moved from Sydney to spend three months in Perth, interning in the Prelude team during that time. I was working on a project with real responsibilities and it was up to me to self-direct the project and work with relevant stakeholders and colleagues in the team to deliver our objectives. The internship gave me great insight into working at Shell, especially the supportive culture and collaborative environment it has.

Supporting your development

After successfully passing the Assessed Internship, I was given the opportunity to work at Australia’s only nuclear reactor for one year as a Process Engineer. With support from Shell, I also went to Saudi Arabia to complete my thesis. These were important opportunities to me as they helped to broaden my experience. I am grateful that I was able to gain the experience and qualifications I did before joining the Graduate Programme. 

See your work come to life

Coming back to Shell two and a half years later as a graduate, I was happy to see that the project I developed during my internship has actually been useful for Shell. This showed me how seriously Shell takes the internship programme, giving interns real responsibility and projects that matter to the business.

Helping you reach your goals

Down the track, I want to lead projects at Shell and work in multi-disciplinary teams to deliver project targets. Being in the graduate programme, I am offered a lot of training and support, and have mentors I can seek advice from. There’s also the Shell Open University where I can take professional development courses. I feel really confident of achieving my career goals at Shell.

Be part of an inclusive work environment

Shell fosters a very inclusive environment, and a lot has been done to promote women in the business. There are plenty of female role models within the company and, in fact, the current head of Shell is female. Here at Shell we’ve done a great job making sure that we recruit a lot of female engineers. Never have I once felt that my gender has negatively impacted me or the business. Besides gender inclusivity, we also have an indigenous reconciliation action plan group and other great social groups that promote diversity and inclusion within the business.

Never walk alone

Because of the collaborative culture Shell has cultivated, everyone always works together and, as a graduate, that has been really beneficial for me because it can be quite daunting starting your career in a big company. I’ve also been assigned a graduate buddy who has been through the graduate programme and can relate and advise on the challenges I might face.