James Fowler Shell

James Fowler

University of Western Australia
Static Mechanical Engineer
James studied Mechanical Engineering and Management at University of Western Australia

James Fowler, a Mechanical Engineering and Management graduate from the University of Western Australia, joined Shell’s Graduate Programme in 2015. He shares with us his journey at Shell and experience co-chairing the Shell Australia LGBTI+ Network.

An unexpected turn of events

I interviewed for an Assessed Internship position and passed all the rounds of assessments but, unfortunately, they did not have enough vacancies for me to join at that time. I thought I would have to reach out again to apply to the graduate programme but, fortuitously, the recruitment team actually invited me to the Shell Recruitment Day and offered me a position on the programme long before I graduated. It was really reassuring to know that I had a position waiting for me after graduation.

A perfect fit

During the recruitment process, I was interviewing the company as much as they were interviewing me. I gained a detailed understanding of the culture at Shell and knew it was a good fit for me, and a great place to start my career – I felt the company’s values were aligned to mine.  It felt like the recruiters had a genuine interest in me, my interests, and my ambitions. They also wanted to find out if I would fit in with the company culture.

The sky’s the limit

Shell is in so many locations and has so many different roles available, I know my commerce degree will also be beneficial here. The company offers many broadening opportunities, such as the opportunity I was given to relocate to South Korea for ten months and experience working in a different environment within a new and enriching cultural background.

Being a passionate leader

I've been able to demonstrate leadership potential by founding an employee network. I saw a gap in the Australia office as we didn’t have an LGBTI network like they do in other countries. I was able to put a business case forward, as well as a moral case, and present it to our country leadership team. They gave us a green light and the funding to start a new employee network. Being able to integrate your external passions into your work-life is a really great and fulfilling feeling. If you’ve got the hunger to make things happen, Shell will support you. 

Positive impact on society

Shell has become more centred around gas and developing new energy, so I feel like I’m working towards a solution and that I’m having a positive impact on our planet. While we still have a long way to go, I’m proud of what Shell has achieved so far and what it’s setting out to accomplish. The impact Shell has on Australia is meaningful and I’m glad to be part of a business that has invested significantly in my country, too.

Tips for graduating students

Shell definitely looks for the most well-rounded candidates. Be proud of the things you’ve done outside of your studies and don’t be afraid to share them with the recruitment team during your interview. The values of Shell: Capacity, Achievement and Relationships, are important so demonstrate how you fit culturally at Shell.