Georgia Bass, Graduate Mining Engineer at South32
A day in the life of…

Graduate Mining Engineer at South32

Georgia Bass studied ​a ​Bachelor of Engineering (Mining and Geotechnical) ​at The University of Queensland in 2016, and is now a Graduate Mining Engineer at South32.

4.10 AM

First alarm. It’s time to start getting ready for work.

4.40 AM

Breakfast. Grab some lunch from the selection of pre-packed lunches.

5.05 AM

A very quiet bus ride into work.

5.30 AM

Arrive at work. Get myself ready for the day’s activities. Check my work emails and do any computer work I need to do. In the last month of my time in trucks and dozers, I review my previous shift performance and examine whether or not I’m achieving target.

6.15 AM

Pre-start meeting to find out what is happening for the day.

6.30 AM

When I first arrive at Groote Eylandt, my first job was to learn to drive a 777F truck. It was a great way to learn mine site and different operational issues.


Blast crew
Time to get muddy! A typical day on blast crew consists of priming, loading, stemming, tying-in and firing of blast.

After loading the explosives into the holes, we contain them by using a bobcat to fill them with stemming.

There is a certain thrill firing off a blast!


It is amazing what this machine can do. It taught me different operational issues as well as made me more safety conscience. I carried out activities from topsoil removal and bulk dozer push (stripping), to preparing areas for seeding as part of rehabilitation process.


I am currently learning dispatch. Dispatch is responsible for fleet management (sending the trucks to the loading units). Since being in dispatch I have gained ideas for small things I could do in future roles to make the job of a dispatcher easier.

(Every day I have 2 lunch breaks one at around 10 am and the other around 2pm)

6.30 PM

Bus home, it is always look great to see a barge at the port! There can be some spectacular sunsets too.

6.50 PM

Arrive back at camp, go to my camp room and unwind from work (check facebook, personal emails, etc.)

7.30 PM

Dinner, if it’s Friday it will be Fish and Chips. It is always a great time to get to socialise with colleagues. There is always the temptation of dessert, with an ice-cream machine and a selection of cold and hot dessert options.

8.30 PM

Bed. Another early start tomorrow.

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