James Bartlett South32

James Bartlett

University of Wollongong
Production Coordinator – Mining
James studied Civil and Mining Engineering at University of Wollongong

I finished high school in Canberra, then spent five years at the University of Wollongong where I completed a double degree in Civil and Mining Engineering. This has given me the flexibility to work in both civil infrastructure and mining aspects of the resources industry.

South32 has a lot of the benefits of being born from a large mining company, mixed with the advantages and opportunities presented from working for a mid-size mining company.

I have really enjoyed working with my supervisor to customise my graduate program to suit my career development. I was able to mix a combination of planning experience and mining operations, including eight months operating D11 push dozers.

Mining at GEMCO on Groote Eylandt is extremely dynamic. It means that each day presents new challenges and there is never a dull moment!

As a Mine Coordinator, I work a lot between Planning and Operations, which means that I need to have a strong understanding of both the Mining and Planning processes. Maintaining good working relationships with key stakeholders is very important.

For me, the biggest highlight of working at South32 has been the opportunities that I have been given to work through a number of different roles in Mining and Planning. I would like to continue to develop and diversify my skill set across a range of mining applications.