Mark Blake

Mark Blake

Queensland University of Technology
Development Graduate
Mark studied Property Economics at Queensland University of Technology

What have been the highlights of the graduate program?  

The highlight of my time at Stockland has been the inception and creation of a residential community in South-East Queensland. I worked with the project team, both internal and external, to change what was once a potato farm to a small suburb that thousands of people will call home in the next five years.  

Why Stockland?

Stockland is the largest diversified property group in Australia – within that comes a multitude of opportunities which you only need to reach out and grab. For the younger generation, I also see the propensity to innovate as extremely important. Stockland has a mandate to innovate, which certainly appeals to me as I welcome creativity and change.

What does a typical day as a grad involve?

A typical day as a graduate involves a great deal of internal stakeholder meetings. To ensure you are brought up to speed on all aspects of a given project, it is important to attend as many meetings as possible in the initial phase of entering the work force. This provides immediate context and allows you to contribute in a meaningful way.

Tell me a bit about your rotations and training and development opportunities

During my graduate year I was afforded the opportunity to spend three month rotations in three different business units within Stockland – residential development, business development and commercial property. A mentor accompanied me through the various rotations which allowed me to absorb and learn a great deal of information while also making a worthwhile contribution. 

What are some of the social aspects of the program?

Despite geographical difficulties, Stockland’s graduate program brings together graduates from all across the country to develop and grow on a personal level. There is a distinct emphasis on knowing the people around you and as such you’re encouraged to participate in volunteering, team building activities and social sporting teams.