Griffith University
Business Technology Graduate
Chloe Maher, B. Information Technology (Advanced), Griffith University

What do you do in your role?

My current role is working as an Iteration Manager. I focus on internal delivery for my team, co-ordinating with other iteration managers, leaders and programs to ensure the team has what they need to deliver. I work with the team to develop release plans, forecast workload, manage dependencies, risks and resources, and make incremental changes as part of continuous improvement.

What is a typical day for you at Suncorp?

Our team will have a 'stand up' to ensure everyone is across the planned activities for the day and review the achievements for the day before. It’s also an opportunity to adjust our resources and plan based on the current priorities. I’ll then review the release plan, dependencies and risks to ensure everything is on track and up to date, checking in with the relevant team members for the most accurate information. Once I have an understanding of the latest picture, I’ll meet with other Iteration and Project managers to review progress at a program level. We’ll work on 5 or so projects at once, so this can mean a lot of organisation and communication with stakeholders. I’ll head to catch ups with upstream teams, product owners, customers and leaders.