University of New South Wales
Business Intelligence Graduate
Claire, B. Commerce/B. Science (Actuarial Studies), UNSW

What do you do in your role?

I am currently doing some pre-work for valuations. This involves improving and simplifying processes and Excel models used in valuations. After the valuation period ends, I will undertake pricing projects as well as projects specific to the Business Intelligence transformation (an initiative at Suncorp that involves creating one simplified platform to increase efficiency throughout the business). 

What is a typical day for you at Suncorp?

At any given time I might be working on 2-3 projects of varying sizes and deadlines. My day is very flexible unless I have meetings scheduled. We have a team meeting once a week where we discuss the projects we are working on, any issues, and where we are headed in the coming week. My projects generally involve Excel, although I have recently started learning SAS. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. I have lunch when I get hungry, but lately there has been a lot of organized lunches so sometimes my lunch hour revolves around that. Suncorp has a strong graduate community so some afternoons we meet to keep that going – for example, we have a quarterly grad meeting where we get together to discuss any interesting projects going on and catch up. It’s a great support system. I generally work between between 8:30 and 5/5.30, and this is flexible – I usually leave when I have finished everything I planned to achieve that day.