Queensland University of Technology
Business Analyst Graduate
Rhiannon, B. Business/B.Laws, Queensland University of Technology

Why did you choose Suncorp?

After having completed a vacation program at Suncorp, I knew that the company was the right cultural fit for me and I was interested in continuing to progress my career within the wider Group. As a top graduate employer, the company offers a supportive environment that has enabled me to put my university studies into practice.  Suncorp is also committed to developing its people, offers a flexible way of work and values innovation. This is something that I was drawn towards and I can see that the diversity of Suncorp’s businesses and brands will continue to provide many opportunities in the future. 

What do you do as a Business Analyst graduate?

As a Graduate Business Analyst I am involved in delivering operational improvement initiatives across the Commercial Insurance business. 

What advice would you give students?

Having transitioned from the vacation program at Suncorp I would also strongly encourage students to apply for this. I believe that it is a great opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the field that they are studying towards and build their professional network.