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Training & Personal Development at TasNetworks

8.7 rating for Training, based on 6 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
The company is very supportive of training and personal development. They are also good in the fact that they organise the "soft skills' training, and they leave the organisation of the technical skills training to us. We are to find the courses, justify the reasons we should attend, and then the company will support us. This is great as it puts some responsibility on graduate engineers shoulders and allows them basically free range to discover which courses will most help them through their career. This allows for individuality in personal development and recognises that all graduates do not have the exact same interests or career goals.
Graduate, Cambridge, TAS
There is a range of soft skills, such as communication, technical writing. Depending on the team leader you may be offered technical course training as well.
Graduate, Hobart
I have had great opportunities to undertake both technical and non-technical training. This includes training run by TasNetworks people, external trainers visiting to run group training sessions and some external training.
Graduate, Hobart
Company provides excellent training opportunities, within the company, within the state, and inter-state. Most reasonable proposals for training are approved.
Midlevel, Hobart

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