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Steph Thompson

6.30 AM

Today I woke up, spent around fifteen minutes getting ready then headed off to the gym. The gym is a great way to start the day and gives me the opportunity to wake up and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. If I am feeling like a bit of a sleep in, or have a half-day; I will head to the gym after school. However, I do prefer it in the morning as I like to keep my afternoons free for students needing help. I generally get ready at the gym then head to work, but today went to my friend’s house for a cup of tea before her first day at uni this year.

Steph Thompson sitting on a chair.

8.00 AM - 8.15 AM

Today I got to work between 8.00 am and 8.15 am. Getting to school early allows me to get into the groove of the day and print off all my resources for the day before the real rush starts before period one. Before period one I prepared for my first class and set up my classroom for my year ten practical activity.

9.00 AM

Today I had my year ten biology class in period one. They are a particularly challenging class compared to most of my others but they are really funny. I had planned for a revision of our previous lesson then to start on a practical activity but we had a sneak year 10 assembly for the last 20 minutes of class. So, we moved straight into the activity which involved creating a DNA and RNA strand out of lollies then labelling and documenting the model. The students seemed to enjoy the activity, I think it was just because they really wanted to eat the sweets but a win is a win. As the term has progressed this class has significantly increased its engagement levels which have been great.

10.20 AM

At recess, the school hosted a large morning tea function for all the staff. This was great as FREE FOOD always is. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with some of the other staff members who I don’t see often. I’m finding it difficult to head to the staffroom to socialise as my desk is pretty far away down the other end of the school. But I am lucky enough to have a great group of people surrounding me and friends in the buildings that are close. 

11.00 AM

I had period two off which gave me some time to organise some worksheets and things for my next couple of lessons. It also gave me the opportunity to go and see the year level co-ordinators and get their opinions on a couple of questions I was having about assessment procedures. I also had time to check some of the many emails I get every day. They range from students messaging about the homework they have or haven’t done, to teachers sharing resources. 

12.10 PM - 3.06 PM

In periods three and four, I had my two years seven classes. They are both up to the same lessons which is introducing phases of the moon and eclipses. Both of my year seven classes are great, they still aren’t too happy about the seating plan I have in place but they are working really well together in their table groups so that’s what they don’t see. But again, what’s best for their learning isn’t necessarily sitting next to their friends.

3.30 PM

On a Tuesday, we have a working group meeting which involves a review of any big announcements or progressions in our working area, which is the science faculty. Today’s meeting was mainly about ‘spicing’ up our APKs (Access Prior Knowledge).

6.30 PM - 8.30 PM

I had hockey training tonight which was a good release. I find having a social outlet through sport is a great way to not get stuck in school 24/7. Having the opportunity to play a sport I love, be competitive and socialise with my friends allows me to come back for school recharged. 

10.30 PM

I try to go to sleep at around 10.30 pm but that doesn’t always go to plan!