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Culture at TechnologyOne

9.5 rating for Culture, based on 13 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
The company culture is fostered with many events and gathering for work, team building and celebration. There is an "open door policy" to try and make sure everyone feels that they can approach others at any time and keep up lines of communication. This is fairly successful, resulting in a mostly very good culture. People feel included and as though they can grow their career and are presented with many opportunities.
They have worked very hard to create a culture that makes people want to come to work. They pick their people well and make sure that their employees are happy and have what they need to succeed. I love coming to work
Free food, free drinks and lots of people who enjoy the work hard/play hard lifestyle. Fantastic culture.
The culture is great, you are allowed to come in from between 7-10, your breaks are not monitored, and you are free to leave early if you need. our company has a large open space for us to mingle for Friday drinks, and during lunch. Also, we are provided breakfast and snacks.
Culture is a huge part of the company. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. There is also constant events happening outside of work hours with work people
Everyone is part of a team which focuses on a particular product. There are many opportunities to socialise in company events (both internal and external).
Very friendly and open, with anyone willing to help if needed.
The "hierarchy" is pretty loose - when it comes down to making a big call then seniority trumps, but when it comes to being able to make your case on how you think something should be done everyone is always given a chance, regardless of if they are a grad or an Enterprise Architect. I have a great relationship with my boss who I work beside every day and who gives me guidance when I ask, but the freedom to solve problems my own way when I want. I am good friends with the people in my graduate intake. I don't feel uncomfortable approaching a colleague I have never spoken to before - in the office it's normal to have to hunt someone down to consult them as an expert in the area of a problem you are trying to solve. Senior people are mostly very friendly and helpful in solving issues.
It is just outstanding. There is Friday drinks from 4-7pm every week, the end of year party has just come and gone, there are hack days where everyone in the company is given leave to work on whatever they want for the day (As long as it is for the company). Our CEO, Edward Chung, is the most approachable guy in the world. Most people are just genuinely nice people.
There is a huge emphasis on teamwork, and the open office spaces allow for interaction and working together. There a lot of social events at the office which gives us the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and get our minds off work. There is however room for improvement with the accommodating of a multicultural workforce.
We work in small teams, usually from four to eight people. We have complementary nibbles and drinks every Friday from 4pm. We throw huge celebrations for Melbourne Cup and other events throughout the year.
All the people at the company are great people to be around and you can talk to anyone. Social events great and often and there is a sense of community with other people eating lunch together.