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Job Satisfaction at TechnologyOne

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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
I make instructional videos to help customers use the company's software.
I work in a team that creates the central platform code. We have many internal customers, as well as external. Every day is different in terms of the mix of, coding, creating, talking with customers, solving problems and teaching and learning.
Usually my team work on larger scale projects for automating our cloud infrastructure. Work varies depending on the features I'm trying to build into my projects and often spans multiple languages/frameworks.
I help build the framework. My work is challenging because I have to build complicated systems.
I am responsible for researching and developing the newest of our software. I work on the supply chain product.
I take on designs for new features in the software Perform Quality Assurance on other developers' code
My day to day involves managing of new features and enhancements for the product I work on, learning new parts of the platform, testing, managing developers and their workload, responding to requests for support for my product.
As a programmer my day to day responsibilities include working on bugs or features to enhance our software, as specified by the team's analysts, and working with the analysts through the development process to ensure that the feature/bug is effective in its aim.
I work mostly on bugs and improvements to software, with autonomy to pursue the answer I feel is best to the tasks I am given.
I mainly test the new implementations and bug fixes in the software, as well as provide details for upcoming enhancements/features. I also research new technologies for future implementation.
Coordinating all aspects of R&D Programs, including management of demo environments, internal showcases, release roadshows, and engineering forums - Assisting with development of R&D Programs and materials (e.g. technical content, R&D research, intern projects, demo videos, FAQs) - Brainstorming ideas and liaising with the Corporate Marketing team for the production of marketing collateral
I am a developer performing development activities and producing software in an agile manner.