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Management at TechnologyOne

8.9 rating for Management, based on 13 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
The company as a whole makes a good effort to foster good leadership practices. There are still good and some not so good leaders here.
My managers are great. They allow me to learn, but also provide ample teaching when I face challenges.
My team has a technical leader and a manager and this makes for a great split. My technical leader is always there if i need to escalate any issues I come across and my manager is great for all things related to leave, HR, etc.
My team lead is very accessible, I can request a meeting if there are any problems. recognition and praise are provided in the form of a yearly review.
We have an open door policy. This means, for those managers that have an office, you are allowed to go talk to them whenever about whatever. My managers and director sit among the team and are always willing to help. Everyone, not just managers, are mentors to those who ask. If you ask someone and they don't know the answer, they always know someone else who can help
Managers sit with everyone else on the floor. It's as easy as walking up and starting a conversation.
Managers are very different to the role that I have and would like to have at the company, so do not make good "mentors" for me. There is some level of recognition/performance feedback but it is very general and could be improved by being more specific,
With newsflashes, town halls, engineering showcases, and daily stand ups, there is a lot of information flow through the company. You can book time to speak with your leaders for feedback and reviews any time you are both available.
They're always accessible and ready to provide guidance. They could provide more feedback during check ins
I work with my managers, and can talk to them about absolutely anything.
You are given a buddy who is assigned to help you acclimate with the company when you arrive. They will call you and introduce themselves to you before you start and overall they provide someone to talk to. It was a great experience.