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Training & Personal Development at TechnologyOne

8.2 rating for Training, based on 13 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Lots of great training for new people. Group training that gives you a good overview of what the company is about and how to navigate your role.
Intensive project with all the new graduates was a great way to begin with the company. Had formal training in a number of areas as part of the project.
This is something that is lacking, learning by trying and asking is seen as more important that document ion.
We are constantly getting training during work hours and given the option for more training to do by ourselves. Even if the company doesn't have plans to do a specific training, they will look into any training that will benefit you and your job
We have an internal college which provides training programmes for all areas. Anything they can't provide, you can put in a request.
The graduate program is great for picking up soft/transferable skills like negotiation, and conflict resolution. We got significant training on how to present a "pitch" which I feel will be very useful in future years.
There is a lot going on. The way in which the training was given suffered from being a bit all over the shop, but it is extensive. There has been customer service, public speaking, product, and programming training so far.
Training could be improved
The eight week graduate induction program covered everything I needed to know about the company. My team provides support whenever I need it. O-Week takes new employees through everything they need to know.
Enterprise software development, standards, practices and a way of looking at things.