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Mayur Kriplani

My name is Mayur and I’m a Cyber Security graduate at Telstra. I can honestly say that joining the Telstra Graduate Program is the best thing that could have happened to me since I finished university.  Here is what my typical day looks like.

5.30 AM

I wake up early, greeted by this beautiful Melbourne skyline from my balcony. Each day I like to spend 10 to 15 minutes drinking my coffee here, thinking about what’s ahead.

Melbourne skyline

6.00 AM

I enjoy fitness, so I do weights and cardio training 5 days a week. As it’s a Thursday today, I am working on my upper-body hypertrophy.

at the gym

7.30 AM

After an exhausting but amazing session I pack up and walk back home. I then freshen up and have a quick chat with my Telstra teammates over the phone about work or recent technology releases.

8.00 AM

I have my breakfast and get ready for my exciting day of work ahead, travelling all the way from my living room to my study room. I continue to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

love setting up my workstation each day and I keep improving it with the latest tech.  

work from home

8.45 AM

I’m at my desk and I start by looking at my calendar and visualising the day ahead. I then check my Cyber team’s group chat to see what my teammates are sharing and talking about.  

9.00 AM

Every second day I have a virtual coffee catch-up with my broader Cyber Security team. We grab a cup of coffee and join a video call to recreate our office coffee catch-up in a virtual environment. 

I try to attend most of these sessions as it helps me to stay connected and I also get to meet senior leaders across the business.

9.30 AM

As I work in an agile team, I have a quick 15 minute stand-up meeting in the morning, where we share an update on what we have completed in the last day, what we are planning to work on next and if we have any issues to raise.


10.00 AM

I have a call with my cyber product team, where we discuss a new product and the progress that has been made on its development. As a Product Manager, I need to understand the technical details and design it to my Product Owner’s vision.

I take notes about the current state and share the major milestones with the Product Owner once a week.

12.00 PM

One of the great things about working at Telstra is that I get to learn from leaders across the business during regular lunch and learn sessions.

lunch and learn

In today’s session, a senior leader speaks to us about product excellence and provides an insight into key concepts like product lifecycle and demand. They also speak about their roadmap for the year.

2.00 PM

I have a meeting with one of my customer’s to discuss a new security product that we believe will help their business. I take them through how to use the product and its benefits. I also note down any suggestions or personalisation ideas that they have, which could improve the product for them.  

3.30 PM

I now have a share and care session with my fellow 2020 graduates. Today a graduate from our 2019 cohort talks about his career journey, best practices and shares some personal insights into how he was succeeded at Telstra. It was an impactful session and something that helps me to understand how vast and supportive Telstra is as an organisation.


4.30 PM

I have a couple more tasks to complete for the day, which includes some financial work. It looks like I’ll be done for the day soon!

at the office


5.20 PM

I update my team about the completion of my financial work and start to wrap things up for the day.

5.45 PM

It is bright and sunny day in Melbourne, so I head to my rooftop for a swim – it helps me to rejuvenate and reflect on the day. In the winter I love to read or listen to some music instead.


7.30 PM

I’m back in my apartment and spend some time with my partner. We play a board game called ‘Sequence’ and a card game called ‘UNO’.

8.30 PM

For dinner I have a BBQ, where I cook ‘Paneer’ or Cottage Cheese and vegan sausages.


After enjoying the delicious meal, I watch a bit of TV (currently Big Bang Theory) and get ready for bed, so I can recharge myself ahead of another exciting day at Telstra tomorrow.