Corporate Social Responsibility at ThoughtWorks

What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?

One of the three pillars of the company is to strive for social and economic justice. I have seen this impact the projects that we have taken on and how we as a company have reacted to clients in a big way.
Graduate, Brisbane
Large numbers of software projects focused on this.
Entry level, Brisbane
Above and beyond any I have seen. There are usually lots going on at any one time. One i am involved with in particular is an internal awareness raising campaign to learn about environmental issues and how these issues effect those who are least fortunate the most. This involved talks, video screenings, activities and lots of learning and discussion which I was lucky enough to head up for Australia though it was something all offices did globally. These have been other themes which are still active in areas like 'women in tech' and 'equal access to information' which have similar events.
Entry level, Melbourne
pro bono work with NGOs assisting with strategic consulting
Graduate, Brisbane
We don't work on projects that will harm society.
Graduate, Melbourne
ThoughtWorks is very passionate about this. The first project I was involved in was an app that teaches kids Yawuru language. ThoughtWorks is also very much involved in many other activities such as RapidFTR last year for Typhoon Haian victims in the Philippines
Graduate, Sydney