Culture at ThoughtWorks

Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.

The culture of ThoughtWorks is one of the main aspects of why I love it so much. ThoughtWorks has a flat structure and this is both during work hours and after. When I have been working in other states, people have always been keen to organise trips to local attractions and other exciting events throughout the week.
Graduate, Brisbane
Almost no hierarchy, very social, lot's of trust in employees
Entry level, Brisbane
Flat structure without unnecessary management interference. Great people always working to do the best work they can do. Culture of doing the right thing and making the world a better place. Plenty of after hour’s events of both a learning and pure social nature.
Graduate, Melbourne
The culture is one of the most amazing things about ThoughtWorks. Since it’s a consultancy of course at the client site it can be a bit more professional and serious but always supportive and educational. After hours back at the office is when I enjoy the culture the most, there I get to have a drink with colleagues who are really my friends and learn and chat about anything. Everyone is very passionate about social justice and many love to tinker with hardware or write open source software on their own time together. There are always lots of great events in the office where I can listen to speakers or participate in meet-ups or speak and run one myself as I have. There is little structure and hierarchy which makes it really comfortable and easy to chat with anyone regardless of their role. I don’t feel like I need to get permission for things, I have a strong understanding of what is going on and what is right from the huge amount of transparency the organisation has. I haven’t met a ThoughtWorks employee I haven’t liked and I have met a lot. It’s an organisation where people give feedback and are understanding and respectful.
Entry level, Melbourne
ThoughtWorks is a really diverse place to work. People come from very different backgrounds. After hours meet-ups are organised to contribute to the community and share knowledge.
Graduate, Sydney
Flat hierarchy, passionate colleagues, good social environment, Friday lunches, monthly social events both employee only and family oriented, evening events
Midlevel, Sydney
The company has an openly flat hierarchy, everyone can talk with everyone. Lots of meet-ups and voluntary work to do after work. Colleagues gather together on Friday and socialise.
Graduate, Melbourne
ThoughtWorks is a family. There are team lunches, weekend activities, family events, and heaps more. The ThoughtWorks culture is fabulous to be a part of.
Graduate, Brisbane
Flat structure. Colleagues are very passionate about technology and social issues.
Graduate, Sydney