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Job Satisfaction at ThoughtWorks

8.6 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 15 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Great! I'm learning lots of new things, doing meaningful work and being treated with respect.
As a Developer Consultant - writing code, automating infrastructure, training client developers, facilitating organisational change
I work at my client which at the moment is a finance company in a team with other people from ThoughtWorks as well as the client. I get experience consulting as well as developing software. We often pair which means two people work at one computer which is great for learning, shared context and makes work more fun. I am often learning new things and working in technologies I haven't used before which is great for keeping me interested and also relevant. Of course as a consultancy ThoughtWorks cannot to in control of everything at the client site, but they do everything they can to help me to be comfortable and successful. I have always had more senior people on my team to learn from and never had to work mandatory overtime.
I am a developer and I get to work on both front and back-end on projects. Being also a consultant, I get to advise my client as much as I can.
Stakeholder management meeting facilitation requirements gathering
Software developer and consultant. Can vary between feature deliveries to Continuous delivery enablement.
As a Quality Analyst, I test the product I am working on and make sure the quality is good
Working in an agile environment means each day I can work with someone new on something different.