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Application Process & Interviews at ThoughtWorks

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Please describe the interview process and assessments.
Phone interview Coding assessment Cultural interview Presentation Technical interview Aptitude tests Consulting exercise
The interview process spanned over 7 parts. Each of these parts focused on a different aspect of my position, from a presentation to an interview around technical skills.
Lots of stages with lots of different people. Technical, cultural, code pairing and more
Application, phone interview, assignment, aptitude tests, technical interview, cultural interview, presentation, pairing interview.
There were many stages to the interview process including, presentation, group activity, cultural interview, technical task, technical interview, consulting exercise and written tests. The process took a couple of months and was challenging at times. Everyone who interviewed me was really lovely and understanding though and they did their best to make me feel comfortable.
Phone interview, code assignment, logic and aptitude test, pair programming session, personality interview, short presentation on a topic of my choice and role play exercise.
phone interview, code assignment, code review, pair programming interview, technical interview, logic and aptitude test, cultural interview, consultant exercise, personal presentation, group exercise
phone interview, assignments, aptitude & logic test, technical & cultural interviews, consulting interview, presentation
The interview process to get into ThoughtWorks is the longest and hardest process I have ever been through. It is also the most rewarding. 1. Telephone interview 2. Coding challenge 3. Cultural interview 4. Paired Programming interview 5. Aptitude test/logic test 6. Consultancy Interview and presentation
Phone Interview, coding exercise, aptitude test, logic test, cultural interview, presentation exercise, competitive exercise (the last 2 test your consulting potential)
What questions were you asked in your interviews?
What are my technical skills, hobbies, plans? What am I passionate about? Why did I choose them? If I had one idea for helping social justice, what would it be?
Huge amount of technical questions. Consulting questions and cultural questions.
Why did I choose ThoughtWorks, what skills do I have, why do I love programming, what I am expecting of ThoughtWorks.
A couple of curveball questions - this it to see how you react so be prepared to think on your feet!
Do you have any specific tips and advice for candidates applying to your company? How would you recommend they best prepare?
Know about the culture of the company and the three pillars - if you don't know them ask about them and show a willingness to learn
You have to be passionate about your field and your surrounding community.
Be yourself, know your stuff (especially anything on your resume)
Know your stuff. Be genuine and enthusiastic.
Research ThoughtWorks, particularly on their site. Sharpen your technical skills particularly in automated testing.
Being yourself is always the best advice. Make sure you know why you want to work in this company.
Know that the interview process takes time - don't panic!
Become familiar with Agile, writing clean, simple, testable code. Be passionate and a good communicator. Respond well to feedback.
Know who we are and what we stand for as a company - core values
Do some research on the background of the company, get to know the culture
Just be honest when answering questions. Be actively involved in both IT-related activities and social issues. Show genuine passion at your craft.