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TSA Management Australia

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Laura Cummack

6.20 AM

Wake up and complete the normal morning routine. I usually have either fruit toast, Nutella on toast or cornflakes for breakky!

7.00 AM

Leave for the train. I catch the local line which takes about 35mins from start to end. I get off at Flinders Street and walk the 10-15 mins to the office. In Melbourne at the moment, masks are compulsory on public transport.

Laura Cummack


8.00 AM

Arrive in the office. Check my calendar for the day and check my 'to do' list on one-note. Today I have client and contractor meetings and am collating all my findings from a site visit yesterday, then tonight, I am attending an awards night with TSA!

8.30 AM

Close out any outstanding items from yesterday.

9.00 AM

Contractor weekly meetings. We discuss the progress of the sites, the delays, any mitigation strategies that we can employ and the forecast for the next week of work.

10.00 AM

Meeting with my People Manager. We discuss how I’m settling in, what I’ve learnt this week and any questions I have about experiences I have had. The meeting also discusses my career aspirations and learning progression to date.

Site visit


12.00 PM 

Lunch with others in the office. There are some really nice little restaurants in the alley behind the office – my favourite is Gözleme.

1.00 PM

Another element of closing out a build is the online manuals and documentation. Previously I have extracted the items the contract requires and made them into an excel spreadsheet to track the progress of the documentation. Today, I am updating this list by checking though the documents provided again.

2.00 PM

Emails! I am following up on Building Surveyor and Quantity Surveyor assessments to ensure that the project runs on time. I am also going through all the contractor submissions to ensure they have addressed all the comments in the previous survey before sending it on to the relevant consultant.

4.00 PM

Meeting with line manager to update them on the progress of the projects, address any issues or queries that have arisen during the week and assess my performance on tasks.

4.30 PM 

Final items for the day: timesheet entry, final email responses, updating my to-do list for the next day and ensuring that all urgent items are taken care of. Booking in any follow up meetings for the next week.

5.30 PM

Preparation for awards night and travel to the venue.

6.30 PM

Awards night!

Awards night!

9.00 PM

Travelling home via the train then bedtime!