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Matthew Williamson

5.45 AM
My alarm goes off and I roll out of bed. It’s a rainy day in Brisbane today so I do some exercise at home, otherwise, I might ride my bike into work or go for a run around the neighbourhood. 

6.30 AM
I make myself some breakfast and a nice big pot of coffee to start the day. 

7.30 AM
I’m out the door to catch the train into work. I don’t have too far to walk to the train station and the trains are never too full. 

TSA Management Graduate Matthew Williamson TSA

8.00 AM
I swing past the TSA office this morning to have a quick staff meeting and to say hi to my colleagues. I’ve got some contacts that I’m reviewing for my client, so I’ll have a chat with some of my TSA colleagues to get a little advice on some of the finer points.

TSA Management Graduate Matthew Williamson working

9.00 AM
I’ve only got one client at the moment, and luckily their office is just around the corner from the TSA office, so I head over there for my first meeting of the day. It’s a huge infrastructure project run by a government department and we’re just entering the delivery phase so there’s quite a lot of contracts to review and send out.

9.30 AM
My first meeting for the day is a review of a service brief that I’ve put together. I’m sitting down with my one of my client-managers and reviewing sections of the contract that might need amendment. Thankfully, all my hunches are correct and by the end of our meeting, I can send the brief away for final approval.

10.00 AM
Meeting number two, an interstate skype meeting with one of the project groups. We’re trying to get information about a specific section of our infrastructure project that may be hindered by other structures that could be in the way, so we’ve been chasing down previous studies that have been done in the hopes that we don’t have to put boots on the ground to check it out in person. While going out on site is fun and a nice change of pace, it can be a big cost to the project – especially if it means flying down to country Victoria.

10.30 AM
Meeting three for the day is a lot more relaxed. It’s our fortnightly graduate skype chat! It’s great to keep in touch with all the other graduates around the TSA company. There’s five of us in total around Australia and New Zealand, and it’s great having a regular meeting to share our experiences and give each other encouragement through the hard times! 

12.00 PM
Lunchtime! I’m having a group lunch with a bunch of people from my client’s office today. They know all the best places to go around town for a good meal!

12.30 PM
Now that I’ve got my morning meetings out of the way, I’ve got some time to catch up on some emails and follow up on some documents that I’ve been chasing down. 

TSA Management Graduate Matthew Williamson working

2.00 PM
A quick catch up with my manager from the TSA. He’s a busy man but we catch up when we can and have a chat about the progress of the project and how I’m going with my work. 

3.00 PM
It’s Friday afternoon, so everyone from the client office is starting to wrap up their work for the day and head home. I’ll put the finishing touches on a few things I’m working on before heading back to the TSA office.

3.30 PM
TGIF! We have drinks in the TSA office every Friday afternoon. It’s a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues and managers better. The Brisbane office has a putting green in the corner of the office, so we take turns showing off our skills. Our GM Lloyd is the undisputed champion.

6.00 PM
I say my goodbyes to the office and wish everyone a nice weekend, head to the train station and head on home. A good end to a busy week, now time to relax.