Phil Wu

Phil Wu

University of New South Wales
Real Estate Australasia
Phil studied Commerce & Law at University of New South Wales

What I do

As an analyst in the Investment Bank, I crunch the numbers supporting the big ideas and transformative transactions that our clients are undertaking.  I also help to prepare the materials that we take to our clients, either to support an ongoing transaction or to present a new idea to clients.

Why I choose to do it

It provides me with insights and understanding into the businesses of our clients. I also get first hand exposure to the decision making process of senior business leaders in the industry.

My education and / or career path

Bachelor of Law and Commerce (Finance major).  I completed an internship with UBS the year before starting as a graduate in the Global Capital Markets team.

What motivates me

Learning the most I can about each aspect of a transaction and distilling complex concepts into simple and compelling ideas.

Outside of work

Since starting work, I've taken up kick boxing classes each weekend. Each year, you are encouraged to plan leave and take a break. This year, I'm going to New Zealand in mid-August to ski for a week. Making the most of each weekend becomes so important, especially given the number of hours you spend indoors during the working week

Starting out

The learning curve is steep and the volume of new concepts is enormous but you will be supported by a team who is able to guide you through the complexity and break the task down into digestible sections. In no time, you will have amassed more knowledge than you expected. Supporting this is a comprehensive and very enjoyable formal training program (graduates attend global training in London in their first year)