Jo-Ann Chan Unilever Graduate Image

Jo-Ann Chan

University of Western Australia
UFLP Management Trainee (Finance)
Jo-Ann studied Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Western Australia

1). What's written on your business card?
Jo-Ann Chan – UFLP Management Trainee (Finance)

2). What's your job about?
The UFLP program is a structured three year program with 4-5 job rotations, including one overseas. I have rotated through four roles in the last two years, spending between three to 12 months in each role. Currently, I am in Manila, the Philippines, in a finance partnering role with our customer development ("CD", aka sales) team. Business partnering is great because no two days are the same – what I do varies depending on business need. For example, I could be working on a logistics business case for a customer one day and then reviewing our forecast trade spends the next. I am also involved in helping develop a sustainable e-commerce framework for the Philippines, building five-year growth roadmaps for some customers and managing our group of drugstores with my CD counterparts.

3). What's the coolest thing about your job?
The coolest thing about my job is that you know what you do touches so many people around you. It is energizing working for a company where you can see their products everywhere you go – be it in supermarkets, on billboards or at the zoo. You are able to see the effect of pricing promotions on shopper behaviour and gauge the success of innovations through your friends and family's reactions (e.g. Gaytime Tubs!).

4). 3 pieces of advice for your teenage self...

  1. Don't be afraid to leap into the unknown, be it move to a new city or follow a career path that isn't as well known – if it doesn't go well, you'll have a great learning from the experience. However the upside is exponential! You could end up with some awesome opportunities, friends and an exciting career.
  2. Try to get work experience in as varied areas as possible – you don't know where your true passion will lie!
  3. Find a good mentor you can trust – this can be a senior in University of a professional working in an area you have an interest. Their advice can be invaluable.