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Ventia Australia

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Neha Bisen

5:30 AM

I wake up at this time so that I can fit in about 45 minutes of brisk walking around my suburb. Although it’s a cold and very difficult wake up, now that Winter is fast approaching, it helps start my day with a lot of fresh air and increased energy.

6:30 AM

Begin getting ready for work. Putting in a bit of extra time into your professional appearance will go a long way!

8 AM

Begin my journey on the train to work! I put on some of my favorite music or read a book and make the most of this downtime.

8:30 AM

I tune in to a daily catch-up meeting with the whole team of the project. This meeting occurs on Microsoft Teams and involves an update from all the leads from various departments.

9 AM

Arrive at the North Sydney office after an hour train journey from home. The North Sydney Office has a hot desk set up in which you can essentially select a new desk daily. I love picking the desk shown in the image as it has plenty of sunlight and a great view.

Work starts.

9 - 9:30 AM

It’s a Tuesday! This means that breakfast is provided for all employees. The lovely ladies at Reception help provide a whole spread of breads, spreads, cereals, and fruits! My fellow Graduate buddy, Janet and I utilise this breakfast time to catch up with each other, plan our workday and update our to-do lists.


More food

10:30 AM

The project that I am assigned to for my current rotation is in the Mobilisation phase, hence, the team is working hard to recruit and finalise a list of subcontractors for various jobs. Today I’m working on drafting some overarching contracts to send to Subcontractors. The list of Subcontractors is endless, and an intense amount of focus is required to get through each contract. It’s time to pop in my Airpods, put on some soothing music and get to business!

12:30 PM

Lunch time! I assume this is everyone’s favourite time of the day? Well, it definitely is mine! One of the perks of working in North Sydney are the endless beautiful views with lots of greenery. Our favourite spot to have lunch is Wendy’s Secret Garden in Lavender Bay. 


Garden 2

2 PM

Time to attend a meeting with my Manager to discuss my progress with the draft contracts. An upside to starting your professional career as a Graduate is the endless support and guidance that you receive from your managers. I have had nothing but the best managers during my current rotation!

3:30 PM

Time to finish up my workload for the day and figure out what tasks I have to leave to be completed tomorrow.

5 PM

Finished for the day! Time to head home and have a relaxing evening.