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Cheng Yu

7.51 AM

My alarm goes off for the morning! I like to gradually wake up to my radio alarm, listening to what’s been happening in the world while I was asleep.

8.10 AM

Out of bed and into my clothes, eat some breakfast and jog to the train station.

9.00 AM

Because I arrive at work during peak hour, the foyers and elevators are busy and the elevators will stop at every floor on the way up to my level. Because we work flexible hours here there will be people in and out at all times of the day, so it’s never quiet!

Once I get to my floor I hello to my team, turn on my computer and read my emails to prepare for the busy day ahead. 

9.15 AM

I’m preparing a key budget and business planning guideline for final approvals, then it can be released to our whole department. I spend time carefully reading over the document, making the last corrections. Our team has been working hard on this for months and now that we’re on the home stretch we’re exhilarated! 

10.30 AM

Our department has ongoing reporting requirements, so myself and the team have been working on the necessary documentation for that. Once again I carefully re-read the documentation, checking for any errors. Working with my team member, Raj, we prepare a brief on our report for the Secretary to review.

12.30 PM

Lunch in the kitchen followed by catchups with colleagues from different areas on my floor.


2.00 PM

During a team meeting about our Budget and Business Planning Guidelines we have an open discussion about the document. Each team member contributes their own expertise, which is utilised to make improvements.



Meeting with my graduate buddy, I have volunteered to mentor next year’s graduates. I reflect on just how fast time has gone and try to impart some advice to my buddy and listen to their questions.


I finish off the last of the work from that day and fill out my notebook with details about today’s work to help me create a plan for tomorrow.


I leave the office and catch the train home. Still plenty of time for dinner, studying for my Chartered Accountant exams and then unwinding with a jog around the neighborhood.

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