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Lachie, Generalist stream, Aboriginal pathway

I’m passionate about the work I’ve completed throughout the course of this year.

About Lachie

I’m a Melbourne Football Club supporter (unfortunate I know) and a golfer. I love catching up with friends and spending time with my Dachshund, Frankie. I’d love to have more time in my life to travel the world.

I’m passionate about the work I’ve completed throughout the course of this year so I would be content continuing in my role after I complete the graduate program. Who knows what the future holds?

What I expected

I knew the graduate program was great, and highly regarded, but I didn’t go in with any expectations. My mentality was to take it day by day and develop personally as I went.

What I experienced

I applied for the graduate program through the Aboriginal Pathway and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Once in the program, I met and built strong working relationships with other Aboriginal graduates and staff.

Throughout the recruitment process, I was supported in every way possible. I was given advice and met with Aboriginal Employment Unit staff who helped me with the recruitment process. This made it so much easier when I was interviewed.

I was excited for a new opportunity and have loved meeting other graduates and team members. The teams I’ve worked in have been very accepting and welcoming.

Who I worked with

I was placed with the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) and Department of Justice, Koori Justice Unit.

I’m proud of learning how to present to people in a big group, as I wasn’t very big on public speaking. There were also projects I worked on that I thoroughly enjoyed.  

How I worked in 2020

I adapted to working from home arrangements reasonably well. My manager allowed us some flexibility with start and finish times, but I think it really helps to keep your routine from the office and start and finish at the same time each day.

I miss having the face-to-face interaction we would normally have in the office, but I really enjoy seeing people in online meetings.

Advice for anyone thinking of applying

Definitely apply! I’ve had an awesome time and learned a lot. Step outside your comfort zone and put your hand up for things you normally wouldn’t try.