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Victoria's Big Build (Major Transport Infrastructure Authority)

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Emily Moore

My typical day in life…..

6.30 AM - Wake up

I generally wake up early in the mornings and do some type of exercise such as walking with friends, going to a spin class or doing Pilates. Once I get home, I walk 5 minutes down the road to my local café and get a coffee.

Day in the life Emily Moore Human Resources Graduate at West Gate Tunnel Project

8.30 AM - Getting started

I log onto my computer around 8.30 AM each morning and get prepared for the day by replying to my emails, having a look at my calendar and preparing for any meetings I may have.

9 AM - Team meeting

Each morning, while working from home my team have continued to have 30-minute catchup where we talk about what we have on for the day but more importantly check in with each other and have a general chat. 

9.30 AM - Divisional meeting

Our team meeting is followed by a wider team meeting for 30 minutes (3 times a week) where we have a general chat and sometimes do an activity as a group such as celebrity heads.

10 AM onwards

For the rest of the day I refer to my task list and start knocking tasks off from there. I also prepare and attend the meetings I have for the day and answer any queries that may come my way. Each fortnight I have a one on one with my manager, which is quality time to gain some feedback and have a general check in.

12.30 PM - Lunch

I try to get out and go for a walk at lunch time while I have been working from home. It is nice to get some fresh air, especially when being inside on a computer all day! When I sit back down at my desk, I make myself some lunch – my go to has been cheese and ham toasties.

Day in the life Emily Moore Human Resources Graduate at West Gate Tunnel Project

5 PM - End to a busy day

I generally finish work around 5.30 PM. I completely switch off from work, shut down my laptop and put it away for the night. I then sit down, relax and catch up on some Netflix, followed by dinner and a reasonably early bedtime.