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Karina Castello

Hi, my name is Karina Castello and I am a Communications Graduate at Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP). I joined the team in 2020 after finishing a Bachelor of Business (Marketing/Management) at Monash University and have enjoyed working in cross disciplinary teams across the organisation. In addition, having a graduate cohort has been the best support system throughout my journey.

My typical day working from home looks like this….

5.45 AM - Morning routine

I’m an early riser. I wake up, put on my activewear and go for an hour-long walk (this gets difficult in winter). Once I arrive back home, I make a coffee (always) and vanilla, banana and berry oats for breakfast. I often do this with my cousin who is also my roommate. We take our time to enjoy the morning before beginning our work day.


8 AM - Begin work

I have just started a new rotation at North West Program Alliance (NWPA) as part of my Graduate Program. I log onto my Surface Pro and read through any emails in my inbox and check my calendar. I like to use this time to write down a list of tasks for the day and schedule in my breaks.


9 AMWelcome

I have a welcome meeting with my new supervisor Renee. After getting to know each other, we discuss the projects I will be working on and the team dynamics. She asks me to spend the day getting to know the team, completing my virtual induction training, and thinking about what I want to experience during my rotation.

10 AMUnderstanding the projects

I familiarise myself with the published communication materials for the projects, read key messages and study the project designs.  


11 AM to 3 PMMeeting the wider team

The rest of my day involves meeting one on one with my colleagues and getting to know them, their scope of work and building on my own knowledge of the projects. I am feeling more prepared to dive into the fast-paced nature of project comms.

1 PM  - Lunch break

It’s over halfway through my day, which means a quick walk around the block and a healthy lunch. At this time of the year I enjoy eating my lunch outside away from my desk. I also use this time to check in with my friends and family or read a chapter of my book.


4 PM to 5 PM - NWPA SharePoint 

In the last hour of the day, I explore the alliance SharePoint site and familiarise myself with where key documents are located and stored. This will be helpful in the weeks to come.

share point

It’s also warm outside today, I think I’ll make a green smoothie inspired by one of my fellow comms grads.


5 PMLogging off

It has been a content heavy day which calls for a run out in the sunshine to clear my head. Exercising after work whether it’s a gym class, run, Pilates or a walk with a friend is something I have incorporated into my daily routine. Since working from home, it has helped me to separate my work life from my home life and most importantly get away from the screen.


7 PM - Wind down

After a productive day, it’s time to catch up with my roommates over dinner. Taco Bowls are our typical Monday night go to, a simple and easy way to start the week. It has been a lockdown habit for us to spend our nights watching a Netflix episode and drinking tea before heading to bed.