Joel Haddow Visy Graduate

Joel Haddow

Monash University
Visy Fibre Packaging, National Technical Mechanical Engineer
Joel studied Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at Monash University

What does your job involve? 

I am required to develop business cases to justify engineering solutions. Currently I am working on a project which will use a device that will assess quality of outputs and allow for corrective measures. As part of this project I have to engage with all levels of the business from senior management to factory operations

Going back in time when you were at university, what three pieces of advice would you give yourself as a student?

  • I would suggest that focusing on soft skills would be just as important as technical skills due to the need to work amongst teams in the workplace. Being able to communicate to keep everyone on the same page can be the difference between meeting or missing a deadline.
  • Management skills are critical to success and achieving outcomes at work. These should be developed as soon as possible and continuously built upon.
  • Leadership skills should be a focus for development as there will be many times that you will need the help of others but will not have a senior title.

What is your experience of the company culture?

Visy has a culture which is very different to other companies. There is a culture of being able to interact with members of the organisation at all levels regardless of position.

What opportunities did the Visy Graduate Program provide you?

I have being involved in projects that contribute to overall Visy strategic goals. To be part of such a significant project is not something I expected to be exposed to immediately. I also had the opportunity to travel around Australia and New Zealand.

What attracted you to the Visy Graduate Program?

The fact that Visy is both a very large organisation and privately owned means that it isn’t subject to the same driving factors as a publicly traded company.

What skills from your degree did you utilise in the Graduate Program?

I have applied a systematic approach to solving problems.

What have been the highlights of your Graduate Program experience thus far?

Having the chance to travel so much and see so many different sites is a very exciting experience. It allows for the development of a wide network with people that have varied skill sets.

What is your #1 tip for graduates thinking of applying for the Visy Graduate Program?

Having a clear idea of how your particular skill set could be applied within Visy. Having an idea of not just the graduate role you would like to fill but also the career direction you are pursuing.