Yuval Shavit Visy Graduate

Yuval Shavit

Monash University
Graduate Design Engineer
Yuval studied Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with honours at Monash University

What does your job involve? 

I’ve been working in the Insights and Innovation team. I’ve been working with a project manager to develop novel products. This role involves developing a business case, engaging with potential customers and running trials of unique products.

Going back in time when you were at university, what pieces of advice would you give yourself as a student?

Broaden your skills by participating in engineering teams such as FSAE, UAV, Mars Rover team or Precious Plastics. The skills that you will develop will be invaluable and are highly sought after by employers.

What is your experience of the company culture?

Visy recognises valuable employees and provides opportunities to those people.  

What opportunities did the Visy Graduate Program provide you?

I have contributed in meetings with key directors, attended multiple site visits and have been paired with a mentor. Additionally, I have the freedom to pursue my ideas that align with my project goals.

What attracted you to the Visy Graduate Program?

The opportunity to contribute to a large company that has a large Australian footprint and to develop my skills in the manufacturing sector.

What skills from your degree did you utilise in the Graduate Program?

Project management, time management, critical thinking.

What have been the highlights of your Graduate Program experience thus far?

Having the freedom to pursue my ideas for my projects and then to present them to directors.

What is your #1 tip for graduates thinking of applying for the Visy Graduate Program?

Include in your resume and the interview your extracurricular activities that demonstrate the skills that are valuable as a graduate engineer.

What do you enjoy most about working at Visy?

The opportunity to develop a variety of skills as well as working in teams to solve problems.

What is your favourite part/most challenging aspect about working at Visy?

The rewarding feeling of working on projects from the conceptual stage until completion.