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Training & Personal Development at Viva Energy Australia

8.3 rating for Training, based on 10 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
I have picked up a a number of invaluable skills, however this has not been completed through formal training, rather through on-the-job learning and experience.
Graduate, Melbourne
Safety is a major priority, many inductions required, skills learnt relate not strictly toward work but outside of it as well.
Intern, Geelong
Very extensive safety training but necessary for this type of business. Opportunity for further training if required for your project
Intern, Geelong
The training was almost two full days of training, very thorough, a bit boring at times as most of it was online, but it was very thorough, and regulated very highly.
Intern, Geelong
There were initial crash courses of meetings and an overload of information at once and it took a bit of time to truly understand what certain things meant within the fuel industry.
Intern, Melbourne
They have supplied me with all the knowledge I need to know about my role.
Graduate, Melbourne
Aviation product quality training - learnt an overview with some in depth aspects on product quality and what it means at Viva
Intern, Brisbane