Jane Ong, Graduate Officer at WA Department of Health
A day in the life of…

Graduate Officer at WA Department of Health

Jane Ong studied ​a ​Honours in Public Health & Bachelor of Health science (Nutrition) ​at Curtin University in 2017, and is now a Graduate Officer at WA Department of Health.

7.30 AM

Had my bowl of overnight oats (rolled oats and full cream milk) with some frozen grapes. A good way to add fruits to my diet. I ran out of bread this morning because I threw out half of the mouldy loaf of bread the night before.

Determined to have some bread, I go to a nearby bakery.

8.15 AM

I would normally walk to work but decided to change up the routine and catch the bus this morning.

8.29 AM

So here I am at the office, 8:29 am. Right on time!

First thing I do in the morning when I arrive at the office is checking my emails. Thankfully, new grads don’t normally get bombarded by tonnes of emails first thing in the morning. The most consistent emails I have received are the updates from the various departments (Health Happenings and Message from DG).

8.35 AM

I have been tasked with identifying client’s statistical area level 2 (SA2) based on the addresses the clients have provided. *SA2s generally have a population range of 3,000 to 25,000 persons, and have an average population of about 10,000 persons. As I have over 10 000 unidentified SA2 clients, this is what I will be doing for the whole day. I have been working on this for four days now. Credits are given to Google Maps.

8.45 AM

My supervisor comes by my desk for our daily 10 minute check-in. I find this is a less formal way to keep her in the loop about my progress. It also gives me the opportunity to raise problems and seek feedback. 

12.30 PM

I know it is lunch time when my stomach starts growling. I heat up my food in the kitchen and eat my lunch there. As a nutritionist, I strongly discourage people from eating in front of their desk. I certainly walk the talk. Lunch today is Salmon and two servings of vegetables on a bed of pasta.  I am on my way to meeting my 2&5 fruit and vegetable.

1.00 PM

Back at my desk, continue working on my project.

1.30 PM

I got invited to sit in a meeting that involves different department leaders for a special project. The meeting is very informative and a great learning experience for me. I learn how decisions are made, how people communicate professionally, how different departments work together to achieve a goal, how people voice out their opinions and that it’s OK to have different ideas. It is indeed an eye-opening experience for me in the 1.5 hours. I strongly encourage new Graduates to sit in on key project meetings, you may not be able to contribute much now but it is a great learning opportunity for the future.

4.30 PM

I attended a professional development session today a Pathologist. The session was about Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS) and Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) – terms to describe breast biopsy. Whilst the session was very technical, it was still very interesting learning about something outside of my immediate scope of work. Perhaps this information will come in handy later in this project.

5.30 PM

This marks the official end of my working day. This is the first time I had left the office after 5 p. I even got to say goodbye to the cleaner on my way out.  

I’d usually go to the gym after work. I couldn’t because I have sprained my leg over the weekend. This gives me more time for reading. I am currently reading Instant Wealth, Wake Up Rich by Christopher Howard.

6.30 PM

Dinner at home.

10.30 PM

Time to sleep. Sweet dreams.