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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Project Officer for business development. I assist organisations to partner with the Department of Health to enhance their clinical service delivery.
My role is on a team where I am responsible for managing the equipment lists of over 8,000 pieces of medical equipment. There are 60 departments transferring from our current State Pediatric Hospital to a newly built facility. I am responsible for controlling the changes that are requested and approved for all transferring medical equipment to be added, removed or reallocated across the hospital. Day to day this involved: - Engaging with a range of stakeholders- clinicians, project staff and IT staff to field requests via emails, phone conversations and in person meetings -Reviewing the requests submitted- searching through our equipment databases and action archives to identify the reasoning why the equipment was /wasn't approved for transfer. -Following up on the reasoning with the accountable project staff - Reaching a solution through discussion with the appropriate staff and feeding the response to the change request back to the stakeholder and either actioning for it to be tagged, added to our database or removed. -Monitoring action log and following up with accountable staff members to ensure actions are completed and closed -BAU work -Site Tours to review storage solutions for where transfer equipment will be kept at the new hospital -Walk through at the existing Hospital to assess equipment and tag the equipment if it is appropriate for transfer
Project work - planning meetings, coordinating a Working Group, writing project documentation, analysing data.
Policy review and development.
My role encompasses a mix of project work and business as usual responsibilities. I provide project support to a department wide business improvement project with a focus on people and organisational development outcomes. I coordinate the support to our department's senior executive committee and subcommittees, which demands high quality work. I have a challenging work program that provides me with opportunities for growth and development.
The nature of my division is that workflow is cyclical in line with the State's Budget. Therefore there are periods where it is very quiet, and periods where it is very busy.