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Callum Daniels

6:20 AM

I wake up, get ready for the day, it’s ‘Tie Tuesday’ so I carefully select a tie for today.

6:50 AM

Get on the train towards the office, I pass the time by listening to an audio book.

7:20 AM

I arrive at the office; I make a coffee and prepare my oats for breakfast. I’ll check the news quickly whilst eating at my desk. 

7:30 AM

Turn on my laptop, read through my emails and start the day’s work. Most of the team arrives at 08:00ish so I have a bit of time to get any quick items done before tasks are given to me. 

As I’m a part of the Security Projects Delivery Team, I’m usually providing subject matter expert (SME) input for the different projects in the Property and Fleet space. Not only is it just security projects but also input on new buildings to design them with security in mind.

Today it’s just me and my area manager doing tie Tuesday. 

Day in the life Callum Daniels Western Power

10:00 AM

Second coffee of the day. 

Typically, when I sit down I’ll ask my mentor (who I sit next to) lots of questions. Fortunately, he always makes time and often gives me a fun little task to research to further my security education.

Day in the life Callum Daniels Western Power

10:30 AM

I finish up my current task, send it off for review and start my next piece of work. I’m putting together a meeting agenda for an upcoming meeting later in the week and jotting down line item ideas for further discussion.

12:00 PM

The best time of the day, lunch time! I didn’t bring food from home, so I’ll go to a few choice spots for a takeaway meal and meet the rest of the grads for lunch and enjoy a few rounds of table tennis.

Day in the life Callum Daniels Western Power
12:30 PM

Then I’ll either continue with my work or I’ll be doing a new piece work for the Security Management Team Leader. Right now, I’m putting together an Incident Escalation Process Map and sorting out all the different types of security incidents into to three tiers, each with their own set of requirements for the escalation and who to escalate to.

3:45 PM

Home time. I’ll take the train back home, continuing to listen to my audiobook to unwind a bit during the ride home.

6:00 PM

Dinner time, the second-best time of the day. After dinner I’ll quickly prepare my clothes for the next working day.