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Westpac Group Career Advice

Westpac Student Application Survival Guide: The application process

The application process for both our Graduate and Internship Programs involves five steps. We know you’re busy with life and uni, so we’ve tried to make the process as simple as we can

Westpac Student Application Survival Guide: Resume writing

Your resume is a critical component of your application and will be reviewed at multiple points during the recruitment process. The following information will assist you in tailoring your resume in such a way as to make a great first impression!

Westpac Student Application Survival: Interview guide

Preparing for an interview will allow you to shape your responses, prepare relevant questions you want answering and generally help you feel confident in making a positive impression.

Westpac Student Application Survival Guide: Assessment centres

At Westpac Group, assessment centres are integral to our recruitment process as they ensure successful candidates align with our service promise, vision and strategic priorities.